C++ Fix Engine

AIM Systems - Fix Solution

C++ Fix Engine: aimsFix Solution

AIMS FIX Solution is an ultra-low latency framework, an out of box FIX Engine.

AIM Systems - Fix Solution

Core Features

Supports FIX 4.x to FIX 5.x and FIXT_1.x

  • QuickFIX like API, easy to adopt and migrate
  • Out of box FIX Engine with rules and support of multiple middleware
  • Speedy Testing and Deployment cycles
  • Integrated Testing Framework: Built-in test cases and framework.
  • Extensibility: Custom plugin's using SDK - aimsFIX Engine is extensible with easy to develop C++ plug-in.

Features & Performance

  • In process Risk check
  • TCP for External Client Connectivity
  • Full integration with C++ Messaging – Supports organization middleware solutions / ESB's e.g.; Tibco/ 29West/ AMQP etc.

Out of Box Use Cases

  • FIX Gateway: Order routing between different transports. It has configurable load-balancing options
  • Internal Matching
  • Internal and External Order routing


  • GLIBC, GCC/G++ : for custom plug-in development
  • XERCES: for configuration and management
  • OS: Linux x64
  • Middleware *(License required for choice of middleware should be obtained from vendor. AIMS does not provide any development or runtime components for these, unless otherwise specified).