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AIM Systems

Aims satisfies a growing market need for quality integration products in the messaging space.

Our success in financial sector ranges from architecture and development to the management of messaging infrastructure in the financial sector, and extends to mission critical application infrastructure.


With office and developmental centre in USA and India, we have the resources to provide you the solution to fit your needs.

Executive Team

Executive team, with vast experience in software engineering, product development, and project management in global environment, has been extensively involved in a variety of complex product development efforts usingin-depth understanding of various languages and messaging paradigms and implementation platforms.


Our experts have experience with well known consulting and financial firms such as IBM, Lehman Bro's, Deutsche Bank. They have been involvedin product implementations, roll outs, customer training, and customer relationships for a diverse set of products and services.

Sustainable growth

At Aim Systems we have a clear vision, a common sense of direction and a culture of performance and delivery. Our aim is to create a successful, sustainable company for the long term.

We use our sustainability performance report to compare performance over time within the organisation and against peers where it is useful to do so.