C++ Fix Engine

C++ FIX Parser & Toolkit

FIX Library supporting 4.0 – 5.0 SP2 versions

FAST 1.1, 1.2 encoding and decoding

In-Process plugin's for custom development

C++ FIX gateway & Engine

Extensible Gateway Solution

In- process PlugIn and workflow

High performing Order Routing

API & Integration

Integration/Connectivity with 3rd party systems

Extensible Internal & External connectivity

Support for multi-vendor messaging

AIM Systems - Fix Solution

AIM Systems

Aims satisfies a growing market need for quality integration products in the messaging space.

Our success in financial sector ranges from architecture and development to the management of messaging infrastructure in the financial sector, and extends to mission critical application infrastructure.


Integrated Enterprise Solution

Enterprise application infrastructure management tools and solutions integrates various existing paradigms already in use within the organization.

Contact Information

For more information , please contact: Info@AIMSystems.org